School transport app

Real-time school transport tracking system that ensures safety

SOS – upon activation, triggers an alarm in the control center that will be handled in the best efficient way by sending the closest designated resources

Students – keep track of the students boarding or disembarking the school transport vehicles
Possibility to set students as absent by the drivers, parents or school
The control center has full overview of location, school transport stations, timestamps and students

Delay – notify delays via app, from the school transport, to the control center

Notifications – Ensures information flow from the school control center or alarm central
  • The first responders gives information regarding the location and the students that are onboard any given school transport vehicle. The drivers for the school transport have a support network that has the responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of the students, and the driver can, at any time, activate an SOS call and get support to ensure a safer journey for the students.

  • Students know that the app is preventive and makes them safer. The control center knows which school transport they are currently using, the location of the vehicle, and it is possible to track the students while at school activities. If there is an emergency, they can call for help by pressing an SOS button from any screen, and the first responders will find their location and send help.

Student app

Stay connected and be safe

SOS – Call for help if you have an emergency. The control center will handle your alarm and send available resources to your aid

Find – Find your way by using the location service. Here you can find your school transport and the closest hospitals. This page will also let you call the local emergency services e.g 911

Notifications – Don’t miss out on important information from your school

Personal info – View your personal info & change your password

Insurance info – View or edit your insurance info, based on access from the parents / relatives

Chat – Enables safe communication between students, resources, parents and first responders, create groups, send group messages, use in contingency messaging

Resource app

Safety for teachers and students

SOS – In the case of an emergency, other resources can be sent to your aid after receiving an alarm in their app

Schedule – Your availability is important in case of emergencies. The first responders can assign you alarms, based on your location and current status

Notifications – Send notifications to the control center, and don’t miss out on important information

Chat – Lets you connect with students, parents and colleagues

Contact school – Initiates a direct call to the control center – ensures that you always call the right number
  • The resource app can be preventive and provide support for resources, given that you can quickly send out information from the school control center. Resources can trigger alarms from the app and get help within minutes, and also receive alarms assigned by the control center, based on availability and location.

  • It is important for the parents/relatives to know that the school takes measures regarding safekeeping of their children. Parents can see their children’s location at any given time, and easily get in touch with the school. They can be confident that their children has made it to school and their activities.

Parent app

Keep your children safe

Children – View and edit insurance info, and grant children access to edit

Notifications – Get notified when there is new information from the school, announce children’s absence and send messages to the school if necessary

Chat – Lets you communicate with the school, students, resources or other parents

School transport – Real time location for your children’s school transport

Contact school – Call the school easily – ensures that you always call the right number

Control center WEB application

The first responders web application helps you keep track of students, school transport and resources, as well as information handling. The user interface is intuitive and effective to work with. The first responders web application provides access to several features for the administrators of each school, it can be set up in a control center of the school, campus police or at an external security provider

The administrators can communicate with the drivers of the school transport and resources via the control center. Here they can receive and handle different types of alarms, contingency, assign alarms to resources, send and receive notifications

The creation of a new “control center” is straightforward and can be operational in just a few minutes. With a short training session, the administrators are ready to start using it the same day.

– Create routes, school transport, drivers, resources, groups, operators, notifications

– Total overview for location and status of all school transport, students and resources

– Timestamps for students embarking and disembarking in each station

– Create conference calls

– Send and receive notifications

– Receive alarms with alarm details

– Send alarms to the right type of resources based on availability and closeness to the alarm location

– Logs for school transport actions, alarms and student absence

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