27 0ctober 2016

New industrial partner in Hallingdal

iGlobalTracking AS has signed an agreement with Hallingdal Kraftnett AS for further development of the iGT PaaS Platform to integrate towards Nettalliansen’s “Smart house/Velfare technology.
First step is to make a demo apartment in Torpomoen where Hallingdal Kraftnett and Nettalliansen will show Velfare technology and the alarm central solution from iGT aimed towards the municipality market. The apartment will be used for test, development and education.

Hallingdal Kraftnett AS has an intention and decision by the board to invest in iGlobalTracking for further and closer relationship and cooperation in different segment of their business and organization. This investment will strengthen iGT organization and finical situation; enable iGT to scale to deliver on this, signed and new projects.

Hallingdal kraftnett AS is 100% owned by the six municipalities in Hallingdal
Nettalliansen is owned by 47 El-net and Fibre-net providers all over Norway, Hallingdal kraftnett are one of the largest owners.

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