A secure and efficient tool for streamlining communication, medical information, health preventive measures, welfare technology and alarm handling.


iGT School ensures information flow, communication and interactivity for students, school transport, resources and parents in a safe and easy way.


Digitize your life with IoT and smart living technology. Control your power consumption and have control in your home or cabin.


Service and maintenance with direct alarms from sensory data sources as well as distribution of database content, such as sharing access and resource management.

iGT Health


Based on a personally experienced emergency, we have developed an alarm platform that serves as a universal tool for both smart and welfare technology. iGT Health is a non-proprietary, cloud-based alarm response central, with associated resource applications, built on the iGT PaaS Platform (Platform as a Service).
Personal and health information, and alarm signals from different types of devices are sent and received through a secure system to ensure safekeeping of sensitive data and safe handling of alarms.
iGT Health ensures streamlining, information flow and communication. It gives a total overview of the personnel, end users and alarms, which provides structure and efficiency, all in one place. iGT Health helps to improve resource allocation and at the same time give human beings a feeling of safety and freedom without being intrusive.
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iGT School


We want every student to feel safe and secure and in the same time safeguard and track resources and school transport to ensure the best possible communication flow.
iGT School provides a contingency solution for handling information flow, safety precautions and fleet management. It enables communication and interactivity, and ensures that the correct measures are taken to maintain safekeeping of all people involved in the school.
Via specific applications, iGT School can provide monitoring of the school transport and students, sending and receiving notifications and handling alarms. iGT School provides overview, control and support during the entire school day.

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iGT Life


WEB application for controlling the service and setting up property services like; key distribution, maintainers planning and more. There is a portal for service providers to register their service
Alarm central application for receiving alarm and distribution of related information related to the alarm type like; fire alarms, burglar alarms, malfunction alarms from alarm and other sensors
Admin panel for all services and messaging towards the other entire user bases and applications

Resource application for receiving alarms and other events

End user Applications for all services and home automation



Building, personnel control and emergency response, with distribution of active and passive emergency preparedness instructions.
Service and maintenance
with direct alarms from sensory data sources as well as distribution of database content, such as sharing access and resource management.
Senior and lifelong housing
with welfare and smart house technology that makes it possible to work longer in your own home.

About us

We are IoT veterans – since 2011. Together with demanding international players, we have shaped our solutions from the early days of IoT with task-oriented systems to become the strategic business critical solutions we see today. We look upon our customer relations as an inspiration to always find new and better ways to address and adapt to a constantly changing IoT ecosystem.
The iGT platform has been developed with a user centric approach with open standards to ensure easy integrations with your select cloud solution. Our platform is modular to fit your needs, ensuring you can grow with the solution. An intuitive user interface makes it easy to integrate new hardware, third-party systems and other software solutions central to your environment.

All our software is easily scalable and can be used by small and medium size companies as well as large organizations, both governmental and private.

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In the IoT space it is all about partnering, and several partners already use our platform and have built services on top of the iGT platform.

We work with upstream partners such as hardware developers, data platforms and edge computing players, as well as downstream partners such as IoT implementers, visualization partners and front end developers. Our modular approach means we can easily integrate our features within your existing IoT solution.

We are always interested in expanding our partner ecosystem. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in becoming an iGT partner.

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